2.E-government System Notification Email Encryption Solution

Now most countries government agencies are making every effort to implement all government services online, and the application result notification is either going to the city hall to take paper documents or sending an email to notify the results and related electronic documents. Some simply linked to social APP to send notification messages to citizens. The biggest security issue for these solutions is to send a message containing citizen’s confidential information in plain text, revealing the private information, and giving the network attacker an opportunity to bring immeasurable property damage or personal safety threats.

The most reliable solution is to send the encrypted email to the citizens for the government affairs results information and release the government notices, including personal social insurance information, utility payment information, traffic violation notices and various types of government information, to fully implement government information delivery is paperless and encrypted, to enhances the digital service security and credibility.

How does the government system send encrypted emails? MeSince® provides the API for e-government system, free of charge, that e-government system can retrieve the public key of the recipient’s encrypting certificate, then e-government system can automatically encrypt and send various government notification information email and various public service information emails to the citizen securely.

And MeSince® API also provides an interface for checking if a user’s email is using MeSince, if it is not used, the API will return NO, then e-government system shall send an unencrypted email to the user to inform the user how to download and install MeSince® to receive the encrypted email, then the system can send the encrypted email to citizen.

MeSince APP is completely free. It supports Windows, Android and iOS. Citizen can decrypt the e-government system delivered encrypted email in just a few minutes by downloading and installing the MeSince APP, ensuring the security of government information.

As shown in the following figure, MeSince maintains a global public key certificate database (CerDB). The innovation technology enables the MeSince API to provide government agencies with the encrypting certificate public key for all email addresses, ensuring that the e-government system can seamlessly send encrypted notification emails to all citizens.

2.E-government System Notification Email Encryption Solution

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