1.Government Email Encryption Solution

Government email must be secure, this is indisputable. Both the government agency and the contractor of the government email system will do their utmost to ensure the security of the mail system. However, email security incidents are still emerging, and there have been many “email gate” security incidents. This make the industry think about the problem – how to protect the email? and what is the most effective solution?

To ensure the security and confidentiality of government email, the content of the email itself must be encrypted. Encrypt each government email to ensure the confidential, add a digital signature to every outgoing email to ensure the credibility, prevent counterfeiting, and add a timestamp to every outgoing email to ensure the time of sending email is credible.

Government agencies simply deprecate the current used email client software and use MeSince® to achieve full encryption, end-to-end encryption and fully automatic encryption, as well as fully automatic digital signature and timestamp. At the same time, we recommend that government agencies deploy their own cryptographic key management system (KM) to fully control their encryption keys to meet the high security requirements of government email security.

Using MeSince for end-to-end email encryption will enable government agencies to truly implement mobile working, which not only meets the urgent needs of mobile working, but also meets the high security requirements for government email.

As shown in the following figure, in order to ensure that the encryption key is highly secure and controllable, the government agency only needs to connect the plug-and-play KM device to the intranet. All staff’s computers and mobile devices must be able to connect to KM device to get the encrypting certificate private key. After successfully obtaining the encrypting certificate, the email encryption can be used normally. Remote office staff must be able to connect to KM device via VPN. KM devices cannot access the Internet and are limited to employee computers and mobile devices access in intranet to ensure the device and private key security. Of course, government agencies can also build their own CA without using the MeSince default CA.

In other words, MeSince encryption solution allows government agencies to achieve complete and autonomous control of confidential emails by simply managing and controlling the encryption key even the application environment is untrustworthy.

1.Government Email Encryption Solution

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